Mito 855

Mito 855, a flip phone for women.
Mito issued a variant of this new mobile phone. Qwerty keypad that carries the mobile phone comes with a clamshell flip design touches in the series are a mainstay Mito 855 new local vendor.

As quoted from testimony on Friday (08/19/2011), this phone is aimed at women, especially clamshell design or flipnya that looked slim, graceful and beautiful. But sturdy as on the handheld. Understandably Mito 855 casing material is made of solid metal.

not only that, Mito 855 has also been supported by a large enough screen, 2.7 inches, which makes it convenient to see the menu in it. While there are rows of buttons to operate Qwerty supported by a four-way navigation.

Mito 855 has also adopted a dual on GSM + GSM is also equipped with dual camera. One is located at the front of the casing, and another on the inside just above the qwerty keypad. These two camera phones have VGA resolution (640x480) pixels and dual presence is not another camera to support video chat using UMVCHAT applications.

The advantages of this phone is the Voice Guide feature in which the menus and features of this phone may be mentioned by the voice in the Indonesian language so that you can go into the menu of this phone without having to look at the screen.

The other side of the sound than the big speakers also presented this phone, with the adoption of 3D sound technology. Innovation try speakers out of the current trends and try to produce a different sound for a mobile phone. Through 3D sound, mito mobile 855 is able to produce a clear sound and more lively.

Meanwhile, standard multimedia features such as MP3/MP4, FM radio voice recording to still be using the headset also remain present in this phone. Even to transfer songs, videos or photos though, this phone has been facilitated with A2DP Bluetooth connection to transfer data.
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